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As per FCA requirements, in order for you to view the full project details and to invest, we need to determine that our investments are suitable for you and that you fully understand the risks involved when making these investments. Please complete the following questionnaire to confirm this.

Before answering the questions, please ensure that you have reviewed our FAQ page and understand the Key Risks involved.

Q1. If you make an investment through the Dfg platform, is your capital at risk?

Q2. Are the quoted returns and timing of those returns (e.g. interest on bonds, dividends on shares or repayments of P2P loans) guaranteed?

Q3. Can you easily sell your investment during the investment term?

Q4. Do all investments on the Dfg platform contain the same level of risk?

Q5. What do you consider to be a sensible strategy for property investing?

Q6. What would happen to your investment if Dfg Property Partners went out of business?

Q7. What does Dfg Property Partners do to reduce the risk to your investment?

Q8. Which of the following items does Dfg Property Partners NOT manage on investors’ behalf?

Q9. Based on your investment experience, which of the following best describes your view on risk?

Q10. Have you ever invested in property development or property related investments?

Q11. Have you ever previously bought unlisted shares or bonds (including investing in these products through a crowdfunding platform)?

Q12. Please select the option that best describes your current employment status:

Q13. Please choose the option that best describes your current job title:

Q14. Please choose one of the options below which best describes your profession, or former profession if retired or not working:

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In simple terms, it’s an online event that brings property buyers and agents from all corners of the country together. This features main advantage is that it lets your products and services reach plenty of potential buyers who are keen to learn more about real estate and property management. The live program enables you to present your projects live and in real-time.