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Profile Creation

Bricktelar gives you the ability to create a unique and personalised profile that you can use to capture your clients. When it comes to selling your property assets, having a compelling profile comes in handy in boosting your property listing's visibility. In the end, there are high chances of getting plenty of traffic to your listing.

Joint Ventures (Merging & Acquisitions)

In order to give you an unparalleled service, Bricktelar offers joint ventures consisting of financial and educational institutions. Also, you will have access to FCA-approved individual. As an investor, you will start getting shares once the project receives funding. In most joint ventures, you will find out that one party offers the required time and skills while the other provides the needed resources.


This is one of the leading omnichannels where you can market your products and services to the ideal target audience. With this, your prospective customers will receive a perfect shopping experience when browsing the internet. Perhaps, you are asking yourself the advantage of this omnichannel. In general, it will make your property listing highly visible across the network of prospective investors. In turn, you will enjoy highly profitable and fast sales.

Training and Investing

Bricktelar provides an education and training feature that links and expands the learning experience to many customers. The good thing about this training platform is that it creates a perfect relationship between trainers, experts and learners. Since it’s a digital learning platform, you should be ready to get a lot of opportunities. The interactive features on the platform will help you boost your knowledge, avoid mistakes and become successful.

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Having been in the property investment sector for over 30 years now, we have amassed a lot of experience which makes us good at what we do. We formulate a wide array of strategies regarding leasing options, such as buy-to-let, rent, land development, refurbishments, house of multiple occupancy, market extensions and many more! We provide our services across the US, UK, Spain and Columbia.

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We are based in the heart of Canary Wharf in London. It barely needs explaining why office space in Canary Wharf is a huge asset to any business. As the City of London has become more and more crowded by large banking institutions, global law firms and mega accountancy companies, the financial sector has spread eastwards, with an increasing demand for clients to connect. Canary Wharf can now legitimately claim to be London's co-main financial district, boasting such international powerful location that would put your business on the global stage.

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We’re out to create purposeful spaces that balance art and creativity with science and strategy.

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